Apartment elevator maintenance tips

Elevators in commercial or residential buildings are vital since they help in the movement of goods and people. Yes, you have made all the necessary research on your requirements and bought the best elevator from sellers such as grantelevators.com.au. There’s more that follows in terms of maintenance so as to prolong the use of this product. Here are four apartment elevator maintenance tips for you.

Train users on the emergency procedures

It is a possibility for elevators to jam and individuals may get trapped during the instances. Educate the users of the lift of the possibility. Moreover, explain what they should do to avoid damage to the lift or harm to them. For example, in case of being trapped in an elevator, they should stay calm and use the alarm button as opposed to trying to get out of the lift using other means. Professionals such as firefighters, product agency or policy should handle the situation.

In addition, provide numbers for users to call in case of any issues to prevent panic. In case sections of the lifts need repair, encourage them not to conduct the repairs themselves but seek the services of professionals. It does not matter how minimal the damage may seem.

Other practices that may interfere with the working of the elevators is the use of the body or items to stop the elevator from closing. Encourage the use of the buttons for opening and closing. In addition, keep up with the upcoming technologies in the elevator and construction industry that help in maintenance. For example, an intercom for communication, CCTV, light curtain and emergency bells. These are safety devices that make the work of monitoring and maintenance easy.

Even when cleaning them, minimize the use of products that may interfere with the working. For example, detergents and paint that may wreck the buttons and rubber door.

Maintain records on elevator servicing and issues

Keep a record of crucial occurrences on the elevators. For example, the constant breakdown of various parts or unusual noise. A daily and systematic record will help the technician or maintenance agency to detect any problems quickly during routine checks.

In addition, request records after servicing of the lifts to keep track of what has been replaced or fixed. The records will help you know which sections require constant monitoring and replacement. Especially relevant is also requesting a yearly annual health report for thorough tracking.

Avoid the overload of the elevator

The elevator has a maximum loading capacity. Ensure that it is not overloaded with people or goods that weigh more than quarter of the stated capacity. Excessive loading may cause it to be ineffective endangering the users of the lift. Encourage users to be patient or use alternatives in case the elevators are filled. Discourage the use of the elevators in case of emergencies such as fire.

Conduct regular inspections

Let’s face it, the lifts are prone to damage no matter how small. In other cases, the users vandalize them. Regular inspections are therefore necessary to identify any damage. Daily inspections are encouraged to monitor the situation. Check the wires, bulbs and all other components that are part of the elevator system. Most importantly, ensure the identified damages are repaired by professionals as soon as possible to avoid extensive damage.

The above are just some of the apartment elevator maintenance tips that one can adopt. The maintenance of the products is important and should be adhered to ensure the safety of people and goods moving from one level to the other. Furthermore, maintain a close relationship with the elevator maintenance agency to give and get updates.