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Amazing health benefits of diving

Malta and Gonzo are great tourist destinations. If you are thinking about diving, this tiny island has amazing things to offer and incredible places to visit. There are great places that are designated for diving and other under see activities in Malta. If you love water Malta and Gonzo are places you should definitely visit. Other than the amazing view you will see, there is numerous health reason why diving is a sport you should engage in during your vacations.

  1. Strength and flexibility

Moving in water is not as easy as moving on land. Your muscles will work harder to resist tension from the water. It is almost like swimming but it is more fun and you get to have a more scenic view of sea creatures. The more swimming you do, the more you move your muscles. If you were looking for a type of cardio exercise that you would enjoy, you have finally found it. As your muscles work, you build strength, flexibility, and endurance. You don’t just work on strengthening your legs and arms, your core is also strengthened. It, therefore, helps you maintain a great body.

  1. Breathing techniques

Diving requires that you take slow deep breathes. While this is essentials to ensure that you optimize and conserve your air, it is also important for your body.  As a result of the slowed breathing, your heart rate also decreases. This allows you to feel calmer. For people with asthma, this slowed breathing helps reduce mucus build up and prevent lung expansion. Just like in meditation, slow breathing allows a driver to concentrate more on the environment than the issues they may be facing in life. It also increases oxygen levels in the blood allowing for better circulation and removal of toxins from the blood.



  1. Lowers blood pressure

When you first get into the water, your blood pressure will hike a little as a result of the increased adrenaline, the cold water, and even the excitement. Once you warm up during the diving, your heart rate will reduce and the slow deep breathing techniques you use during the diving will lower your blood pressure. It will also keep you calm and happy throughout your diving course. However, it is always great to seek your doctor’s advice before you go diving.

  1. Water has great healing effects

There is just something soothing and relaxing when you are in the water. The fact that you feel lighter makes you feel happier. Diving is also an exercise that helps promote the release of serotonin. This is a hormone that allows your brain to feel calm and relaxed. It generally makes individuals feel happier. Water is used in therapy because it allows individuals to feel safer and more relaxed.  When underwater, divers are able t submit to the current and enjoy all the goodies Mother Nature has to offer. This is one of the reasons why divers will always come back. It becomes a hobby that is almost addictive because it engages the body the mind and even the soul.

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Online Marketing Lesson for Massage Business

A letter from A young Entrepreneur

I started a business on the Internet about a year ago selling specialty foods. Business has been going well, I’ve picked up a couple of national accounts and I expanded my business. I am really strapped for cash because I need more warehouse space and to hire a couple of people.

About a month ago, I was contacted by a business loan broker. He said that he could get me the $300,000 I needed to get a lease on the new warehouse space, remodel and refrigerate it. I told him that my credit wasn’t good and he said he could work with that and I’d have the money soon. So I borrowed $30,000 from my mother’s retirement nest egg to pay for his fees. I filled out forms and sent them to him two weeks ago.

He promised me that we’d get the money last week, but there’s been a hitch. His mother got really sick and he flew back to her town. He’s been hard to get hold of since he’s at the hospital with her so much. I understand that family comes first, but I’m feeling bad because I want his mother out of the hospital so that he can complete the deal-and it looks like she’s getting worse instead of better. I’m trying to be patient but it’s so hard!

Meanwhile, I’m going to lose the warehouse lease if I can’t sign this week. Should I borrow another $50,000 from Mom to sign that deal and then pay her back when I get the loan?

Growing Pains


Dear Growing,

Uh-oh! You must never, never borrow from Mama’s nest egg unless you know you can pay her back! That includes what you’ve already borrowed because, from what you’ve already told us, chances are you’ve been scammed.

Borrowing from your mom’s retirement is not a good idea. You better barrow from financial institutions because if you go bust, the family will not suffer. My neighbor recently opened a massage parlour in Malta. One year lager it is the best chinese massage in Malta. How did he finance his $100,000 business. Through banks.

Why do we think so? That’s a mighty big fee you’ve already paid, far in excess of what legitimate appraisal costs would be. Usually, loan fees except for credit reports and appraisals are paid out of the proceeds of a loan. Are we suspicious? You bet and with reason! In the past year, we’ve had several contacts tell us that they’ve had a loan broker promise them big bucks for a business loan if they’ll just pay an advance fee. We’ve also heard that story about the business broker’s mother getting sick in the past. Her condition must be serious and highly contagious because a week at Mom’s bedside is usually enough to take her darling baby boy out of contact permanently.


Warning signs:

  • Telemarketers cannot legally guarantee or imply that there is a strong chance of getting a loan.
  • Telemarketers cannot ask for payment in advance.
  • No legitimate lender will guarantee a loan before you’ve made the    
  • Mortgage lenders can ask you to pay for a credit report and an appraisal but legitimate lenders won’t ask you to pay anything upfront for personal or business loans.
  • Bogus brokers often have sloppy paperwork and don’t investigate you very    

As we said, legitmate loan fees are paid out of the proceeds of the loan, not money you’ve borrowed from Mama. Unless the loan is confirmed in writing, don’t make any payments. The loan broker’s actions are illegal if they demand an advance fee but putting him in jail won’t get your money back. Better keep it for someone who can really use it, YOU!

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Evaluate whether to borrow Mama’s money and expand based on whether you can pay her back, when she needs it, out of operations. Putting too little money into the business may be worse than staying where you are and funding expansion from operations. You can also clean up your credit rating – usually, it’s not as hard as you think!

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Now…Go Make Money!

Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced earlier this week the unveiling of its new teen entrepreneur Web site to target young entrepreneurs who want to start, run or grow their own businesses, and today announced the winners of the Young Entrepreneur Program Business Plan Competition.

The launch of the Young Entrepreneur Online Guide to Business, at, was made during the kick off of the Young Entrepreneur Program, a two-day forum for young entrepreneurs to provide practical entrepreneurial training and to promote leadership and management skill building.

The announcement of the new Web site was made by Cheryl A. Mills, associate deputy administrator for Entrepreneurial Development for the SBA. The Web site will provide young entrepreneurs with a learning tool to help them succeed in the 21st century world of small business. It is designed to introduce teenagers to a whole new concept of small business ownership as a lucrative and viable career choice by helping them shape their dreams of entrepreneurship.

“Young minds of today will be the force for business growth and job creation in the future,” said Mills. “The spirit of enterprise is the most powerful economic force in the nation, and the SBA wants to be a partner for success.”

The Web site features small business basics from brainstorming to evaluating a business idea, developing a business plan, learning from very successful young entrepreneurs who made progress, making wise financial decisions and access to SBA’s entrepreneurial development partners and services.

Other highlights of the Web site include information on legal issues that need to be addressed when starting a business, links to youth organizations that concentrate on youth entrepreneurship and links to mentoring and peer groups.

In a related announcement, SBA Administrator Hector V. Barreto revealed the winners of the Young Entrepreneur Program Business Plan Competition. First place went to Micha and Michael Cooper of Brooklyn, N.Y., for their plan for their travel and concierge service. Second place was awarded to Jan Baker of Bronx, N.Y., for her plan for an urban greeting card company. The third place winner was Samir Mastaki of Ravenna, Italy, for his business plan for a cellular phone rental service company for international travelers.

Out of 50 teens that took part in the two-day small business forum, the three business plans were selected by judges to receive top honors for the best overall plans. A local Maine website develpment company started by using this same business plan and now has 23 employees working for them. So this stuff works, you have to keep building and grinding.

Administrator Barreto made the announcement before an audience at the opening reception of SBA Expo ’04: Celebrating National Small Business Week in Orlando, Fla.

“The new teen Web site will provide a useful tool about the business world to young people,” said Administrator Barreto. “It is never too early to spark the entrepreneurial spirit and instill optimism in our youth. Access to key small business information is essential to the future of our young people and to their full participation in our nation’s economy.”

The six business plan challengers were each given 15 minutes to make their presentations before the judging panel, which represented varying disciplines and backgrounds. Some came from the internet marketing world, others from the construction or financial word etc.

The Young Entrepreneur Program participants will take part in SBA Expo ’04, May 19-21 at the Orange County Convention Center. They will gain exposure to additional forums and network with successful business owners, corporate executives and government officials.