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Traditional Property in Malta and Gozo

Do you know that Gozo is a beautiful exotic place? Gozo is the sister island of Malta. I discovered the island on my business trip to Nigeria where I met a nice lady from Malta, and she started talking about the jewel of gozo.  It is an extremely popular tourist destination and in recent years has become quite the party spot for couples and families alike. What most people don’t know is that there are amazing farm houses in Gozo that are available for rent and they cost much less than getting a small room in a hotel. You can choose from a wide array of farms that have a lot of different amenities to offer. These are beautiful properties that have state of art facilities, ready to go!

And when it comes to spending your holiday in Gozo, there are very few places in the world that can really rival it. The best thing about this island is that it has something for everyone. So if you are a sports enthusiast or if you love hiking, swimming or diving or any other water sports, you will find this place to be the perfect fit! You can bring your kids or come here with your significant other. There is lots to do and it really does not burn a hole in your wallet!

It is no coincidence that Gozo is a paradise on earth for tourists. If you are looking for fun and adventure or seek isolation and privacy, you need to get a farm house and spend time there with your loved ones. Your family will love coming here! The place is full of culture and historical land marks. Amazing beaches and amazing valleys to visit. The beautiful white sand beaches and truly picturesque surroundings are enough to charm anyone. You can even come here with a bunch of friends and enjoy your time off exploring the island. Tip: if you want to buy a farmhouse, apartment or a terraced house in gozo, visit this website:

Popeye Village Malta

The type of farm house that you can get, depends on your taste and budget. But, you can choose to ignore large villas or five star hotels and save a lot of money. You can spend your holidays here with great comfort. You will find a host of facilities for your leisure such as a private golf course, aqua golf driving range, bunker, putting green, croquet, a large swimming pool, tennis court with a professional of full-time residents and many facilities for water sports like snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing and sailing. There really isn’t much that is left out. Farm houses are quickly replacing hotel rooms. They are much better, offer much more space and cost a lot less!

So what is stopping you? This is a great place to plan your next vacation. Farm houses are not that outdated any more. All farm houses in Gozo have been updated and have internet, Wi-Fi, cable and everything else that you need. For a fraction of the price of a five-star hotel, you can get a great place all to yourself and your family. You can enjoy spacious living and have the time of your life. So bring your family to Gozo and enjoy what this island has to offer. Most tourist destinations have become really commercialized, However, Gozo still maintains its natural appeal.